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How to Set Up and Deploy Your Camera


Thank you for your purchase of our Dissembler Extended Camera System. This page is here to help you set up and deploy your camera as well as reviewing your video.



The Dissembler Extended Camera System is a covert pole camera system. That is designed to blend into the environment, hiding in plain sight. Our system is reliable and affordable.

This system is a great tool for conducting unmanned surveillance in areas where typical surveillance is not possible. Our system is used by Law Enforcement and Private Investigators.

Typical applications include but are not limited to, child custody, cohabitation, infidelity, theft and criminal activity.

The dissembler Camera System can be deployed in seconds and designed to easily swapped out for a fresh unit.

Field tested for over 5 years with excellent results.

In The Box

• Dissembler camera housing: front and back cover

• Brickhouse (BHS), Camscura Pro Covert Camera (DVR) with User’s Guide

• 128 GB micro SD card with adaptor (Formatted).  See Resources to format additional cards not provided.

•  8000 Mah Battery

• (4) Screws for pole mounting

• Charger

• USB cord

Camera Set Up

Step 1:

Charge your camera with provided charger.  Light will be orange until charged then light will turn green.  Full charge can take up to eight (24) hours to complete.

Step 2:

On the back of the camera is a switch.  The switch must be turned to the “gear” position to work properly in the housing.

Step 3:

Remove micro SD card from adaptor and place in appropriate slot in camera.

Step 4:

Using provided USB cord, plug camera into your computer.  Install Brickhouse software located on the SD card inside your camera or click this link:

For Mac:  BHS Cam Setup Tool for Mac

For Windows: BHS Cam Setup Tool for Windows


Step 5:

Run BHS software.

Below are the recommended default settings to use with the Dissembler.  This allows up to 36 hours of total recording.  

Important, the time and date on your computer must be synced with the camera otherwise the camera will default to an arbitrary date and time.


Note: Vertical flip allows for proper orientation, otherwise your videos will be up-side-down.


Note: PIR-Trigger (Passive Infrared Sensor) is disabled due to distance limitations.  Leaving it enabled can decrease battery life.

Note: Motion Trigger Sensitivity may be enabled but can be very sensitive.  A leaf blowing by, rain, change in shadows by passing clouds can trigger a recording.

Scheduled Recording:  Click Edit.  To pick specific schedule times to record, left click and hold in the day/time you wish to start and drag the mouse to the time you wish to stop recording.  A window will pop up after you have made your selection prompting options for types of recordings.


Click “Create” when done.  Repeat as necessary for this schedule.  When finished setting up the schedule, click “OK” and you will return to the main settings.


Step 6:

Sync settings to DVR by clicking “Sync Settings to DVR”.  The orange exclamation triangle will change to a green check mark when the process is complete.



Turn camera on:

To turn on the camera hold the button down until you see the green light come on.  The green light will flash as it powers up.  The light will turn off once the camera finishes booting up.  This process can take up to 30 seconds.  The camera is still on.

Place camera inside housing:

Align camera lens with hole in front cover of housing.


Place rear cover to front cover and press it one until flush with the front cover. Make sure to not pinch the camera wire or battery.

Place camera:

Attach Dissembler to wooden pole using provided screws or attach to metal pole using nylon straps.

Dissembler_Install (1).JPG
Dissembler_Install (2).JPG
Dissembler_Install (3).JPG
Dissembler_Install (4).JPG

Note: Carefully use power drill/Screw Driver to tighten screws against the Dissembler.  Over-tightening can damage the cover.

Remove Camera:

Remove camera when surveillance is concluded or battery life is up, whichever is sooner. 



All Dissembler camera housings fit on the same screw template.  For longer cases, cameras can easily be switched out for continued surveillance.

Turn Camera Off:

Hold button down.  An orange light will come on, continue to hold until light goes off.

View Surveillance:

Plug Camera into computer to view files.  A folder labeled “BHS” on a removable drive will be available.  All video files will be located inside the folder.


Attached using Nylon Straps. Long Straps can be found at Lowes or Home Depot.  You may need to attach two straps together depending on the size of the pole.



Dissembler Standard Camera System Unboxing:


Dissembler Extended Camera System Unboxing:


Camera Manual:

Connect Camera to Your Computer:

Programming Camera:

How to install on pole:

Camera Video Help:

AVI Video Joiner Software (Optional):  This software allows you to take many AVI video files and join them into one large video file. This is easier when viewing the files.

AVI Joiner Software
AVI Joiner Help Page

Format 64 GB SD cards or Higher: Software to format 64 GB card

Video Player:  Free video download. This video player allows for easier review of surveillance video.  VLC Video Player Download Page


Sample Surveillance Videos:





Download Instructions PDF

Waypoint Tracking Soultions is a Division of Lancaster Detective Agency LLC

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