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Signs of Infidelity

This is a list that may help you determine if there is infidelity in your relationship

1.  CHANGES IN APPEARANCE - Is your significant other drastically changing their hair style? Are they going tanning all of a sudden and never liked the sun before? Did they start going to the gym all of a sudden after years of never going? A sudden change in appearance?

2. CHANGE IN CELL PHONE HABITS - Is your significant other always clinging to their phone? Do they lock their phone so you cannot get into it?  Are all of their text messages deleted?  Do they answer text messages in a different room? Do they go into a different room to talk on it?  Have you found a hidden cell phone in their car or home? 

3.  CHANGES IN DAILY ACTIVITIES - Is your significant other staying late at work all of a sudden?  Are they not answering their phones when they are staying late at work? Is he or she picked up a new hobby all of a sudden? Are they gone for the gym or to the beach for hours?  If your gut is telling you that something is not right then 99% of the time that gut feeling is right. 

4. SUSPICIOUS COMPUTER USE - Is your spouse using the computer at weird hours of the night or day? Are they spending more time on the computer than usual? Are they clearing all the browsing history on the computer on a daily basis?  Is your computer getting viruses all of a sudden? Does he or she shut the door while on the computer?  With the way our society is going with all these smart phones and computers the everyday person has access to a computer pretty much 24/7.  People are browsing the web more via cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc.  

5. DECREASE IN FREQUENCY OF INTIMACY -  Are you and your spouse not as intimate anymore?  Is your spouse all of a sudden demeaning to you and tell you that you are the problem he or she does not want to be intimate? 

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