Background Reports

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We can provide professional Custom Background Reports. Our reports can cover many details including criminal, civil, current and previous address, relatives, current landlines and cellular numbers. This is just a few of the results we can provide. Background reports can be for yourself or on someone else. Same Day RUSH Available

What kind of information is in the Background Report

Basic Background report includes:

  • Subject name, Alias, DOB, SSN

  • Current and past addresses

  • Current and past residential and Cellular numbers

  • Criminal Records 

  • Civil Records

  • Bankruptcies

  • Business Information

  • Voters Registration

  • Relative information (Name, DOC, Addresses, Phones)

  • Associate's Information (Name, DOC, Addresses, Phones)​​

Advance Background Information

  • Nationwide/Statewide Banking Information

  • International Bank Search

  • Credit Card Information/Statements

  • Location Information

  • Hotel Invoices

  • Frequent Flyer Information

  • Credit Reports

  • Hotel Reward

  • Insurance Information

  • Medical Information

  • Casio Reports

  • SS Disability 

  • HS/ College Transcripts

  • Child Support Information

  • Many more.....


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