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Unmanned Surveillance

Cost Effective, Less Intrusive

Lancaster Detective Agency has always been on the forefront of technology.  Ours was the first investigative company in Lancaster County to utilize Unmanned Remote Surveillance in the form of an Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle (USV) and Covert Camera Systems (CCS). We design our own systems in house and utilize 3D printers to design and print our own covert camera housings.

1. Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle (USV)

Our Unmanned Surveillance Vehicles (USV), are able to discreetly surveille, record and be alerted to a subject’s activities 24 hours a day up to 14 days continuously.  The USV looks like any other vehicle parked in a neighborhood. Our Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle is remotely operated and monitored by a licensed investigator. This technology gives us the ability to view the subject in real time and update the client as necessary. Unmanned surveillance can also be paired with physical surveillance for complete surveillance coverage. 

Our camera has the ability to pan/tilt/zoom. Our cameras are capable of zoom up to 25X optical, low light abilities and true 1080 HD video. After the Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle is retrieved, the video is reviewed and a report is produced with video provided with all activity. The video can then be downloaded by the client.  

2. Covert Camera System (CCS)

Our Covert Camera Systems (CCS) come in several different forms and are able to discreetly surveille and record a subject’s activities 24 hours per day up to 5 days continuously.  Our camera is not LIVE view.  All video is recorded onto an internal SD card. The camera is equipped with a wide angle lens that is typically positioned to view the front of the residence.  Our camera can be placed on a recording schedule or run continuously.  Once retrieved, the video recorded on the CCS is reviewed and an abbreviated clip of the relevant activity is created. As with the Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle the Covert Camera System can also be paired with physical surveillance when necessary.  

When Is Unmanned Surveillance Useful?

Unmanned Surveillance can be used any time you want to see the subject's activities at a particular location. Unmanned Surveillance can establish the subjects' daily schedule, the coming and going of people. The following are several examples of different types of cases that can benefit from Unmanned surveillance.

Child Custody - Establish and identify the coming and going of other people at the residence. Document any suspicious, or criminal activity. Determine if the child is left unattended or unsupervised.

Cohabitation - Establish if the subject has a partner or significant other residing at the residence and is participating in household maintenance or is engaging in romantic relations with the subject. 24/7 coverage leaves little room for doubt. 

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