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Digital Forensics

What can we do to help you
  • Access and unlock the online accounts and data of deceased individuals

  • Help you gain insight about the life and relationships of your loved ones

  • Construct a timeline of events for leading up to death or disappearance

  • Unlock previously unavailable information, enabling greater knowledge and clarity

  • Find evidence for litigation or to re-open closed investigations

  • Combine, preserve and archive all available digital data associated with a deceased loved on

Gain Access to the online accounts of deceased loved ones

As you may have already have discovered, gaining access to the Google, Facebook and other online accounts of your deceased loved ones is not a simple or easy process.

Service providers like Facebook or Google are large impersonal companies with billions of users and little incentive or resources allocated to respond to individual claims or inquiries

Fortunately, we have made it our mission to master the many disciplines and procedures necessary to complete the process, including the documentation, the legal filings, subpoena drafting, interactions with state and Federal courts, and every step along the way to get you through the process.

We are your one-stop-shop for recovering the data from online accounts, combining technical expertise, legal expertise, procedural knowledge and the leverage of high-volume relationships to get you the information and piece-of-mind you seek.
Once you have gained access to the online digital data of your loved one, you may find you need help to sort through years of accumulated information. We can help by processing the data into user-friendly categories and timelines, so you can search for particular dates, names, words or whatever might be important to you and your family.

Digital Forensics can also extract and archive the data from online accounts such as gmail or yahoo, so you can have an easily accessible record of your loved one’s writing and other digital activities. Whether it’s to pass along that record to future generations, to better understand the past, for personal closure or clarifying the truth about a life or death, many clients choose this innovative service.

We know you are dealing with an emotionally draining ordeal and that grappling with bureaucrats and other obstacles is that last thing you want to be doing. You can trust Digital Investigations to guide you through the process and get you results as quickly as possible.

Gain Access to the online accounts of deceased loved ones
  • Homicide

  • Suicide

  • Accidental / Natural death

  • Disappearance

Unlock and Extract Data From Social Media Accounts
  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Linkedin

  • Google chat

  • Snapchat

  • Twitter

  • Whatsapp

  • Others...

Extract and Archive Data From Web Based E-Mail
  • Gmail

  • Hotmail

  • Yahoo

  • AOL

  • Outlook

  • Others...

Extract and Archive Data From Cloud Storage Devices
  • Google Drive

  • Dropbox

  • Microsoft One Drive

  • Google Drive

  • pCloud

  • Tresorit

  • Cabonite

  • Others...

Unlock Digital Data - Litigation / Peace Of Mind

  • Text Messages, Deleted Text Messages

  • Third Party Applications

  • MMS Messages

  • GPS Coordinates of Cell Phones and Hand-Held Devices

  • Deleted Pictures

  • Private Facebook Messages and Social Media Post

  • Others...

Cyber Security Scan and Removal Services

Wondering whether your phone or computer have been compromised is a stressful situation.

Our complete Cyber Security Scan and Removal Service can put an end to that daily stress and give you the peace of mind and security you deserve.

Contact Us Today to Get In Touch with a Digital Forensic Expert

Our secured couriers can pick up your laptop or phone within hours and deliver them to our secured forensic laboratories for examination.

Once your device arrives in the lab, our Forensic Examiners evaluate cyber threats and spyware or malware on your device. The Examiners determine if there is malicious software or other evidence of unauthorized access present on your device, identify and document the specific threat or threats present and remove any spyware or malware from the device.

Once the threat has been eliminated, our forensics team produces a thorough and legally admissible Forensic Report, detailing exactly what was found and removed from your device, when it was installed and what data or activities were compromised while it was in use.

Get a written report to submit to police. Once you’ve documented activity that violates your privacy rights, authorities can be required to take action.

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