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GPS Sales and Rental Services

Locate, family members and property

We provide the latest in GPS technology. We can provide same day service for sales and rental of GPS trackers. We will help you get set up on your devise through our APP and make sure you are able to track prior to leaving our office. No contracts, reasonable prices.  Contact us today.


Why hire Lancaster Detective Agency?

There are a variety of reasons why investigating infidelity/cheating on your own might not be the best option. For one, it can be both emotionally and physically draining.


Our private investigators will find more information in less time and will remain emotionally detached. The validity of evidence is also more concrete when gathered by an investigator. While an upset spouse/partner may capture pictures or video of their cheating spouse, this evidence may not be considered valid by a court of law.


A private investigator is unbiased and knowledgeable about family law so their proof will stand up in court.

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