Investigative Agreement

This will confirm that the Client, is/are contracting Lancaster Detective Agency, hereinafter known as the Investigator to initiate inquiries and/or conduct an investigation.

Investigator’s hourly rates, travel time, administrative time, court time and preparation for this matter are per the most recent rate of $85.00 per hour and $0.60 per mile.  Package rates are available and can bringing hourly rate down to $79.16.  Database searches, specialized equipment, remote cameras, unmanned vehicles and data charges are additional. All other reasonable case expenses are charged to the client.  

Investigator will commence work in this matter upon receipt of a retainer and schedule; the amount agreed upon by Investigator and Client, all to be applied to the fees incurred. If the retainer is expended and more investigation is required, no additional investigation will commence until an additional retainer is received. If retainer monies remain at the completion of the investigation, same will be returned to the Client at the close of the case.

If Client cancels a scheduled assignment/Investigations/Court the following will apply. Case cancellation less than 12 Hours’ notice $85.00 fee, case cancellation 24 hours’ notice $50.00 fee. Case Cancellation while in route to or on case location (Minimum charge of 2 hours plus, any mileage and $85.00).

Client and Investigator mutually agree to keep one another fully advised of evolving developments and/or newly developed data that could reasonably be considered helpful to the investigation in progress.  Client agrees to secure communications regarding the investigation, example, voice, text, email and verbal and not advise the subject of the investigation directly or indirectly. If the case is compromised by the Client the a (Minimum charge of 4 hours plus, administrative and any mileage).

If the investigation includes mobile surveillance, the Investigator will do everything possible within the law not to lose sight of the subject. However losing the subject is possible and is normal from time to time during a mobile surveillance. To increase odds of success during a mobile surveillance multiple investigator could be used at an additional cost. Losing sight of a subject is not ground for a refund or discount in fees.

Investigator agrees to faithfully obey all applicable laws of the State of Pennsylvania and the United States in the course and scope of this investigation.

If courtroom testimony, or deposition, regarding this matter or any matter related to it as required, the fee will be a minimum flat rate of 4 Hours @ $85.00 per hour, per investigator.  All courtroom and deposition fees are due in advance.  Included in Client's bill will be any costs incurred by Investigator  meals, lodging, parking, data inquiries, copies, photo and video duplication expenses, subcontractors fees, etc., in reference to this case. 

Should any litigation arise from this agreement resulting from non-payment of fees, such litigation will be held in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and the prevailing party shall collect all attorney's fees and costs resulting from the litigation.

Should any litigation arise from this case through no fault of the Investigator, or his employees, the Client shall pay all fees, including the regular hourly rate of the Investigator(s) in addition to any costs sustained by the Investigator in the litigation process.

Client shall handle the investigative information responsible. Information will not be used to harass or harm anyone. The Client shall not use the Investigator to stalk or harass the subject of the investigation in anyway. If it is determined the purpose of the investigation is to stalk or harass the Subject then the investigation will be terminated, and the Investigator has the option to not refund the Client their retainer, pending criminal and civil proceedings.

Client shall not have a protection from abuse (PFA) or any other restraining order that is actively in effect.

The Investigator declares he is duly licensed, bonded and insured in Pennsylvania, California and Florida.

This agreement shall be binding upon Client's heirs, executors, and personal representatives.  Client, by agreeing to this agreement, certifies he/she has thoroughly examined and fully understands the foregoing agreement.

Lancaster Detective Agency

Sean L. Hall

Owner/License Private Investigator