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Residential Bug Sweep

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Many people who live in houses are the victims of hidden audio and video devices. It is very common for spouses to spy on each other, especially when they suspect infidelity. It is also common for contractors who have worked in your house to install hidden video cameras in bedrooms and bathrooms to watch the most private activities in your home. Our TSCM bug sweepers will physically and electronically search for hidden video cameras or digital audio recorders placed in bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms.

Apartment Dwellers

are the most susceptible to being the victims of hidden audio microphones and audio recording devices, especially hidden cameras that could be watching your every move.

Many landlords have been arrested after being caught having placed hidden cameras in bedrooms and bathrooms. You need professionally trained TSCM debugging technicians to sweep you entire apartment to make sure there are no microphones, hidden cameras or recording devices in your apartment.


A professional TSCM bug sweep of your home may reveal the presence of any hidden audio bugs, recorder, hidden cameras as well as identifying everything connected to your router, Wi-Fi, even identify routers or Wi-Fi devices you were not aware of!

Our bug sweep house team can certainly provide you with peace of mind, especially when our TSCM technicians either confirm or refute your suspicions.

We usually find evidence of audio or video bugs in a home when there is potential or pending litigation related to divorce. This type of ‘spousal spying’ is more common than you may have realized. We have cases where a husband is about to move out of a residence, whether voluntarily or by court order. Then, he places either audio or cameras so he can keep track of his wife once he’s gone.


We Are Experts Detecting Hidden Cameras, Audio Devices, GPS Trackers in cars and even more. We provide TSCM Debugging Services. Trust our Experts in Finding & Removing Audio & Video Devices.


Free Consultations. More than Twenty Years of Experience. We are certified and Accredited.

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